EnerGov - Citizen Self Service

Your source to apply for and view permits, plans, and more online!

Citizen Self Service

With Citizen Self Service, anyone can:

 Search for permits, plans, and inspections issued by the City

Once registered as a member, you can:

• Apply for some permits and plans

• View details of plans, permits, and inspections that you are connected to

• Request an inspection on your project

We hope you enjoy this new tool.

EnerGov Citizen Self Service involves citizens in the community development process by providing online access to public information about a variety of processes. Registered members, such as contractors and developers, can perform a number of tasks related to their permits and projects through the site.

Begin your on-line experience with go link directly below!

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If you do not find what Citizen Self Service requires on the pages below, please contact the department directly.

• Building Inspection

• Planning

• Storm Water Management

• Traffic Engineering

Feel free to view the PDF below for further instructions on how to register.

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