Citizen Self Service

Welcome to the City of Lubbock's Energov Citizen Self Service.

Citizen Self Service (CSS) is the public-facing portal into our EnerGov permit and inspection software system, which was deployed internally in December 2014.  The system, a product of locally-based Tyler Technologies, has improved interdepartmental communication, increased process efficiency, and improved accuracy in several City operational areas that deal with permits, licenses, and various types of plan reviews and approval actions. CSS allows citizens to share in the benefit, often eliminating the need for a phone call or office visit when transacting business.

Though any person may access public information in EnerGov, bona fide account holders, such as contractors, developers and others, will have expanded access in order to conduct business necessary to their trade or profession. By establishing an account and creating a log-in to the system, these customers have access to tools which allow them to conduct financial transactions, access records and submit service requests of various types related to their projects, all from a desktop computer or mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone.

Some of the functions will be made available immediately, while others will be implemented over time as their development is completed.


Plan Review & Permit Status: Check plan review & application status for building permits, certificates of occupancy, plats (preliminary or final), zone cases, and others. Determine what comments/concerns have been entered that may delay or hinder processing or approval.

Inspection Requests & Status: Inspections may be requested online, providing both the City & customer with a record of the request; Customers are able to review the status of scheduled and completed inspections in real-time.  


 For the full ranges of services, it will be necessary to set up an account. There is no fee for this service. The CSS system may be accessed at NOTE: When you set up your account, it is critical that you use the e-mail address that you currently use to receive inspection reports and invoices from the Building Inspection Department.