Adopted Codes & Local Amendments

It is the responsibility of every permitee, whether professional contractor or homeowner, to obtain and be familiar with the laws that govern their proposed construction work. These are minimum standards that must be met; and failure to meet them is a violation of the law (Class "C" Misdemeanor). Most importantly, they are designed for your safety and protection, as well as for the public.

Our local construction regulations consist of "model" (nationally promulgated and published) construction codes, altered to some extent by local amendments.

All local amendments to the City of Lubbock's construction codes, including the electrical, building, plumbing, and mechanical, residential, fuel gas and fire codes are available on-line. Visit the Code of Ordinances Page and select the City of Lubbock Ordinances link to take you to the Ordinances Website maintained by Franklin Legal Publishing. Follow the Links: Lubbock (yellow folder), +Code of Ordinances, +Chapter 6: Buildings and Building Regulations. The various articles dealing with the technical areas are then listed. You merely need to click on them to open up and read the text.

The model construction code books that are adopted by reference are as follows:

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The model construction code books are not included at the Franklin Legal Publishing site, nor are they available for purchase through the City; however, they are available in our offices for viewing anytime and can be purchased from the following source: International Code Council, Inc. (ICC). Website address for on-line ordering: You may also call ICC customer service at 1-800-786-4452 and place your order.

City of Lubbock Street Design Standards and Specifications