About the Office of the City Secretary

The Office of the City Secretary consists of the City Secretary, Deputy City Secretary, and Management Assistants to the City Secretary. This office is responsible for a myriad of duties including:

  • Maintaining the official records of the City of Lubbock.
  • Attends and records all City Council meetings.
  • Provides City Council staff support.
  • Administers Vital Statistics birth and death records.
  • Processes many types of Permits.
  • Sells and distributes copies of the City Code; Code supplements, and other City publications.
  • Processes, tracks and maintains membership of all City Boards/Commissions; notifies City Council of each term expiration, vacancies, and new applicants to the various boards and commissions.
  • Staff liaisons to Appointments Advisory Board and Permit & License Appeal Board.
  • Intakes claims filed against the City.
  • Processes petitions filed by citizens.
  • Administers oaths of office to Council members, public safety officers, and Officer of the City status board members.
  • Conducts municipal elections of the City of Lubbock, including City council elections and run-offs as well as elections dealing with bond issues, sales tax, venue tax, referendums, initiatives, and revisions of the City Charter.
  • Responsible for the City's records management program, including development and maintenance of records retention schedules for all departments; this includes proper administration of depository for inactive records of the City, including retention and microfilming as required.
  • Scheduling of ministers for invocation at Regular City Council Meetings.
  • Publication of official notices.
  • Research for citizens and internal departments.