Softball Practice Field Rentals

For information or to make reservations: Contact (806) 775-2673

Fields Available for Rental
  • Mackenzie Park - Municipal Drive off of I-27 and Park Road 18
  • A. Dale Chapman (Mackenzie #5)
  • Roy and Anita Bass (Mackenzie #6)
  • Ray and Lou Diekemper (Mackenzie #7)
  • Connie Mack Baseball Field (Mackenzie Park)
  • North Field (Mackenzie Park)
  • South Field (Mackenzie Park)
  • Mose Hood Park - 23rd Street and Avenue P
  • Thomas Bragg (North Field in Mose Hood Park)
  • Delwin Jones (South Field in Mose Hood Park, No Lights)
Weekday Rental Times
6-8 PM and/or 8-10 PM

Weekday Rental Fees
Before Daylight Savings Time
6pm - 8pm ~ $45.00*
8pm - 10pm ~ $55.00*
After Daylight Savings Time
6pm - 8pm ~ $35.00
8pm - 10pm ~ $45.00*
Weekend Rental Times
8 AM - 8 PM (2 hour time periods)

Weekend Rental Fees
$35.00 per 2 hour time period

More Information
  • The above mentioned fields are available for rental pending availability beginning February 1st and ending October 31st of each year. The City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department or its designated user shall have priority over the above mentioned fields.
  • Contracts must be secured and fee must be paid by 1:00 PM on the day of the rental. Reservations not secured will be canceled with no notice given to the reserving party.
  • Same day rentals made after 1:00 PM must be approved administratively.
  • Rentals for a 7-9 PM time slot may be approved after 1:00 PM the day of the rental if there is no other rental on the field. The rental rate for a 7-9 PM rental is the same as the 8-10 PM rental.
  • No contracts are to be delivered to the field site and no money is to be paid at the field site under any circumstances.
  • There is a $25 refundable key deposit for all rentals requiring lights. The key is to be returned by 1:00 PM to the Parks and Recreation Department Athletic Offices on the following business day. Lights are not included in weekend rentals.
  • Rental fees are not waived under any circumstances.
  • It is a service to reserve a City park for usage. If any individual or group would like the facility for no charge, they may use it on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Further Regulations can be found on the Athletic Field Reservation Contract.
*Require light key deposit

Rental Policy
For the policy on Softball Tournament and Practice Field Rentals, click on the link below:

Softball Tournament and Practice Field Rental Policy

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