Portable Toilets in City Parks

Portable toilets are only allowed in certain City parks per City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances, Chapter 16.01.004.  Listed below are the City parks where portable toilets are permitted:  

Andrews Park, 78th Street and Memphis Avenue
Clapp Park, 48th Street and Avenue U
Chatman Park, E. 29th Street and Juniper Avenue
Cooke Park,  8th Street and Kirby Avenue
Davies Park, N. Avenue N and Clemson Avenue
Davis Field, 4th Street and FM 179
Duran Park, 6th Street and Kewanee Avenue
Elmore Park, 66th Street and Quaker Avenue
Guadalupe Park, 2nd Street and Avenue P
Guy Park,  3rd Street and Memphis Avenue
Hamilton Park, 22nd Street and Avenue X
Hinojosa: 22nd Street and Viola Avenue
Hodges Park, Marshall Street and N. University Avenue
Hoel Park, 91st Street and Chicago Avenue
Hood Park, 23rd Street and Avenue P
Berl Huffman Complex,  N. Loop 289 and Landmark Drive
Huneke Park, 82nd Street and Nashville Avenue
Lake 1,2,3, and 6
Leftwich Park, 60th Street and Elgin Avenue
Lewis Park, 54th Street and Avenue J
Long Park, 56th Street and Aberdeen
Lopez Park, N. Chicago and Auburn
Lusk Park, E. 29th Street and Oak Avenue
Mackenzie Park, Broadway and I-27
Mahon Park, 29th Street and Chicago Avenue
Maxey Park, 30th Street and Nashville Avenue
McAlister Park, Milwaukee and Marsha Sharp Freeway
Miller Park, Memphis Avenue and Memphis Drive
Ratliff Park, 50th Street and Chicago Avenue
Reagan Park, Colgate Street and Olive Avenue
Ribble Park, 62nd Street and Temple Avenue

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