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Lawn Sprinkler Information

If you decide to install a lawn sprinkler system, make sure that water from your sprinkler does not back up into your drinking water. You are required to install a backflow prevention device to prevent this possible contamination of the water supply.

For requirements on installing a lawn sprinkler system, call the City of Lubbock Water Utilities Irrigation Inspector at (806) 775-2589.

Irrigation Inspections

To schedule a Customer Service Inspection (CSI) on your new irrigation system, an Irrigation System Construction checklist will need to be filled out and turned in with your other paperwork. You will find a link to the PDF file below. You can fill the file out on the PDF, print it and attach it to the other paperwork.

Irrigation Inspection Final Checklist

If you have any questions regarding this form you can contact Cesar Castanon at 775-2589.

Lawn Watering Schedule

Landscape irrigation is allowed during two scheduled days per week.

Irrigation schedules will be based on the last digit of the house addresses:
Addresses ending in 0, 3, 4, or 9 - Monday and Thursday
Addresses ending in 1, 5, or 6 - Tuesday & Friday
Addresses ending in 2, 7, or 8 - Wednesday & Saturday

Irrigation Restrictions
- Not allowed when temperatures are below 35°F
- Irrigate without runoff
- Do not irrigate during precipitation events
- Hand watering allowed any time of day

Spring & Summer- April 1st thru September 30th
- Irrigate less than 1.5 inches per zone per week
- Irrigate only between the hours of midnight to 10 a.m. and from 6 p.m. to midnight on assigned days

Fall & Winter- October 1st thru March 31st
- Irrigate less than 1 inch per zone per week
- Irrigate any time of day on assigned days

The Water Resource Department understands that New Landscape will need more watering. If you plant a new landscape (sod, overseed, trees, shrubs, plants) you will need to fill out a Landscape Variance Form. Once it is approved you will be able to water three weeks to get the new landscape established.

If more than three weeks is needed, the request must be submitted to the Water Board of Appeals for the variance to be approved.